BBU Mat Pilates Mat- Change your life and become a Pilates Teacher

A testimonial about

Good Morning BBU!!

I am proud to say that I passed the BBU PilatesTeacher Comprehensive Exam on Friday night at Movements Afoot!!

I am writing to thank you and everyone at Balanced Body University.  The program is excellent.  The information is written wonderfully and organized beautifully!  I received great support from you, and everyone at BBU whom I contacted, as well as the Customer Service Representatives that I spoke with to order my equipment, DVDs, etc..

So, again, THANK YOU!

I also want everyone at BBU to know what a tremedous asset you have in  Lesley Powell as your New York, New York  BBU Educator.  She is truly a gem.  Her knowledge is unparalleled and her feedback is essential.  She ran the BBU program seamlessly!!

I am the mother of three small children, I teach classes/train clients in the mornings/evenings/on weekends and care for my family when I’m not “working”.  Having the ability to take the modules at Movements Afoot once a month allowed me the time to do everything I needed for BBU, for my family, for my profession and for myself.  I love the way Lesley set up the program!

She made me a better teacher AND a better student!  During my observations at other studios, I found my appreciation and admiration for Lesley grow.  Most Pilates Teachers, while good in their own right, do not have the extensive biomechanic/body-mind knowledge that I have gained from doing my training with Lesley!  It takes an incredible teacher to make great teachers and BBU has that in Lesley Powell!

I look forward to doing my continuing education as a Teacher and Student with Lesley and BBU!”   With gratitude, and, Kindest regards,  Cheri Wild

Mat I        11/13-14/2010, 9/10-11/2011
Mat II        1/8-9/2011, 11/12-13/2011
Reformer I     2/25-27/2011  Friday 6-9  Saturday & Sunday 9-6
Reformer II     3/26-27/1/2011
Reformer III    4/30-5/1/2011
Apparatus I    6/4-5/2011
Apparatus II    7/23-24/2011
Apparatus III     8/27-28/2011

To register, go to 
or call 877-PILATES (745-2837).

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