Muscular Imbalances w. Lesley Powell June in NYC

Muscular Imbalances

See. Feel. Teach

with Lesley Powell
Wednesdays in June 1-22 2-4 PM  $300 5women
4 person minimum
Rolates Pilates Studio
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Each class will work around a theme of understanding how the body works. There will be applications to Pilates, Yoga and dance. The class will end how to apply it to your practice and teaching.

Lesley Powell brings together her own studies for these workshops: Laban and Bartenieff FundamentalsTM, Franklin Method, her studies with BodyMind Centering teachers, Irene DOWD, pilates, yoga and dance.

  1. Pelvis
  2. Spine
  3. Shoulders
  4. Legs & Feet

Upcoming Workshops w. Lesley Powell this summer in NYC

anatomydancespicJPGFranklin Method – Liberate your Shoulders – a workshop for all

with Lesley Powell June 28,, 2015     
$150   2-3:30  $45

When you embody the body’s natural support structure, ‘you’ don’t have to ‘work so hard’ to stay upright and moving forward in a world of ‘stress’.  Discover the flow and ease that exists within you. Lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature to dance through life with free healthy shoulders, a liberated neck and a dynamic supportive spine.

In this workshop, you will learn simple and profound ways to catapult your shoulder experience to a beautiful new awareness and then integrate this magical sensation into your daily life movements. Use this every day and embody easeful shoulders and an easeful life. This workshop is highly recommended for dancers, movers, shakers, yogis, desk sitters, children, grown up kids, sky divers, swimmers and anyone who carries a bag.

Shoulder Revolution – Using Pilates to create healthier Shoulders

with Lesley Powell  June 28,, 2015  2-6 PMA 4 cec    $150

In this workshop, we will start with Franklin Method: Liberate your Shoulders. Embodied anatomy will lead to healthier function.  We will explore the bone rhythms of the shoulder girdle and how correct rhythms will lead to better physicality.

A great scapular-humeral rhythm will invite the correct phrasing of the arm and core muscles. When you get a client to better use her shoulder girdle, her arm strength, posture and connection to the core will improve. Learn how this rhythm works and how to help your clients improve theirs.  Using Pilates repertory,  this shoulder workshop will help you and your client to healthier connections of your shoulders, arms and entire body.

Pilates Gait training -Using Gait For Assessment and Improving Function
PMA cec 12 with Lesley Powell

July 31 – August 3   2-6 PM
$500   Early bird discount before 7/1  $450
We take walking for granted.  When we lose the ability to walk comfortably, we lose our freedom to do things.  Poor posture, lack of strength and mobility and diminishing balance skills affect our gait.  This course is an introduction to how the body moves in gait and how as trainers we can plan a workout that encourages better walking skills.

We will learn observation skills about how the body moves and applications using the Pilates repertory to improve mobility and strength in relationship to gait.  Applications to the Pilates repertory will also include modifications with diminished range of motion.


  • Learn how the body moves in gait anatomically
  • Learn observation skills about gait
  • Address muscular imbalances in gait observation
  • Improve walking skills with muscular training and balance skills
  • Address modifications needed for seniors
  • Problems with level changes- i.e. getting on the floor
  • Safe stretching for an older population
  • Props used to facilitate better alignment and comfort
  • Home program of stretching, balance skills and training
  • To register: 231 W. 18th St.

    To register:
    231 W. 18th St.

21 Gun Salute- Movements Afoot is moving on.

21 Gun Salute-  Movements Afoot is moving on

watercolor anatomy by Lesley A. Powell

Watercolor anatomy by Lesley A. Powell

The best of 21 years of Movements Afoot is sharing with clients and teachers the passion about the body, how it moves and finding wellness. As of August 1, Movements Afoot will only be a website and the location at 27th st. is closing.

I am in negotiating with merging with another Pilates studio.  Once the agreement is signed, I will share the details with you.  Tentatively July 26th will be the last day of classes.

Celebrating my 60th birthday this year and 21 years of Movements Afoot, I am moving on to concentrate on teaching clients, teachers and developing educational projects through writing and educational videos.  I have had an exciting collaboration with FusionFitness online with educational videos for teachers.  I am very excited by this change.

Stay tune to our website.  Our website will be updated with our collaboration with a Pilates studio for classes and privates, Balanced Body Pilates Teacher program, new workshops for all and teachers and other educational materials to keep you in tune with the wonder of your body mind.

I have been blessed with having wonderful clients and teachers who have shared the passion about the body.  I look forward to sharing more with you with the new changes in my life.

Lesley Powell

P.S.  All series that have expirations dates from now to 7/26/2014, must be completed at Movements Afoot.  NO Extensions/Refunds

Bodhi Suspension Class
 – Where the Navy seals meet the Ballerina at Movements Afoot

Movements Afoot is excited to announce our upcoming classes of Bodhi Suspension Class as well as teacher certification weekend for Bodhi Suspension System training with Joy Karley!  Bodhi Suspension System takes your body to a new level of fitness and balance compared to TRX. 

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Movements Afoot is excited to announce our upcoming classes of Bodhi Suspension Class as well as teacher certification weekend for Bodhi Suspension System training with Joy Karley!  Bodhi Suspension System takes your body to a new level of fitness and balance compared to TRX.

What is Bodhi?  Come join us and learn the essential Bodhi exercises and how to create balanced class sequences using Balanced Body’s unique track system!  Taking the body out of alignment with gravity fires the core stability muscles and develops integrated, whole body strength and dynamic flexibility.

The bodhi rope suspension system and core strengthening method are an eclectic mixture of conventional strength training, Pilates and rehabilitative exercises, and stretches all supported and challenged by utilizing four adjustable ropes with multiple attachments.  These are designed to serve all strengthening, flexibility, and cross training needs for any activity or sport.  Appropriate for anyone with movement experience.

Khita Whyatt, the inventor of this system, developed Bohdi after a serious accident in a car.  Due to a brain injury and paralysis to her left side, she had to find a way to get her skeletal muscles to work.  Suspension rehabilitation got her from feeling like a wet noodle to being more fit than ever.  By moving the body away from the center of gravity, the core muscles are forced to contract. As the core muscles fire, they move closer and tighter to the bones, but at an angle that opens up and supports the joint. This allows for a greater range of motion so that the superficial muscles, those closest to the surface of the skin, can strengthen and become more flexible.


  • “The bodhi ropes system is an incredible, high-quality fitness workout. Perfectly combining balance, strength, stability, flexibility, and whole-body integration, this innovative workout has enhanced so many areas of my life — sitting at a computer, walking, running, biking, yoga.  I cannot recommend these classes and this system highly enough!”  – Stacie
  • “The unexpected result of a reduction in my chronic back pain leads me to believe that the bodhi system also belongs in hospitals’ Physical Therapy/Rehab departments” – Ted

Bodhi Suspension Classes at Movements Afoot
Thursdays at 6 PM with Joy Karley starting May 8.

Special for May only.  Bodhi Class $20 a time offer.

Bodhi Suspension System Teacher certification with Joy Karley at Movements Afoot
Saturday, June 21st through Sunday, June 22nd from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

The Knee – PT perspective on Pilates based programs for post-surgical and common injuries at Movements Afoot NYC


49 W. 27th St. Mezzanine B, New York City  212-904-1399

49 W. 27th St. Mezzanine B, New York City 212-904-1399

The Knee – PT perspective on Pilates based programs for post-surgical and common injuries

With Kim Osterberger DPT
April 12, 2014  2;30-5:30 PM  $125 (early bird discount 3/15 $100)
 click here to register
We will review anatomy and the mechanics of the knee to give you an understanding of injuries and how to prevent them with Pilates-based exercises.

  • Anatomy breakdown
  • Knee Mechanics
  • Forces on the knee and reasons for injuries
  • Common Injuries
  • Knee surgeries and precautions
  • Pilates based exercises

Kim Osterberger graduated from New York University in 2009 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. For the first two years after school she worked at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital with orthopedic, amputee and neurological populations. Before PT school she was a professional ballet and modern dancer in New York. Kim has been a certified instructor of Pilates for over ten years in the city working in the fields of dancer training, orthopedics and women’s health.

Intro to Embodied Anatomy: Feeling and Understanding Anatomy The Shoulder and Arms 3/29 new date-NYC w. Lesley Powell

elbowscap2Intro to Embodied Anatomy: Feeling and Understanding Anatomy  The Shoulder and Arms

With Lesley Powell. Faculty of Balanced Body, CMA and Level I Franklin Method Teacher

In these workshops, we are going to learn anatomy not only intellectually but through feeling. Understanding how the muscles works on your body and then learning how to identify the look and feel of the body is essential for teaching. Applications will be made to Pilates, Yoga and dance repertory.

$125  Click here to register
Saturdays 3-6:30 PM

Anatomy of the Muscles of the Arms  3/29/2014
Anatomy of the Muscles of the distal influencing the core- elbow & hands and shin & feet  TBA

Pilates Lab for Teachers: Muscular Imbalances at Movements Afoot 2/8 NKYC

49 W. 27th St. Mezzanine B, New York City  212-904-1399

49 W. 27th St. Mezzanine B, New York City 212-904-1399

 fullarmcircle-2Pilates Lab for Teachers: Muscular Imbalances

With Lesley Powell
$60 Click here to register

Lesley Powell brings to this workshop her amazing knowledge of being a Pilates teacher, a certified Laban Movement Analyst and Franklin Method and advanced studies about the body. She will teach you the skill of observation, and how to use the Pilates/ other movement repertory to make positive changes in your client’s well-being.

Arms and shoulders 2/8/2014, 1-3 PM